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  • Custom Home
    Custom Home
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    Custom Patio Barbque Design
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    Custom Home Deck Builder
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    Carriage House
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    Custom Home Depth Perception

A custom new home builder who will build on your lot in counties, cities, and towns throughout Northeast Virginia.

The home can be built on land you own or land that you acquire.

You can supply a floor plan or commission a set of floor plans to be drawn from scratch.

      Decks and Screen-in Areas

     Large Additions

     Interior Design

     Garages and Carriage Houses

You can work with a separate architect and builder — or with a design-build company that manages both the architectural design and the construction process.
You’ll be more involved in the process and have the opportunity to make many decisions.

If you are a qualified landowner, save thousands of dollars through our unique and one of kind savings advantages of NO CONSTRUCTION LOAN, NO DOWN PAYMENT, and NO CLOSING COSTS.

You can pick from nearly any product in a category — within your budget, of course – rather than selecting from a defined menu of choices.